Our Story

Discovering our life breath

Inspired by a great spiritual teacher at an early age, we are a group of friends that came together to do something good in the world.
We were passionate about education and creating uplifting experiences. We started by organizing summer camps designed to inspire youth, which were the highlights of our summers while we were in high school and college.  Then, with a mix of serious hard work and good karma, we were able to create a highly successful hospitality company, founded on the ideal that a great company should take genuine care of its people and help them unlock their potential.  
During those 20 years or so, we became exposed to Ayurveda through Vasant Lad.  We each had our own challenges – herniated discs, atrial fibrillation, migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues, and others.  Through panchakarma cleanses and changes to diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda fundamentally changed our lives, both in terms of physical health and mental peace. Many of us started taking weekend seminars, which quickly turned into multiyear sabbaticals to become certified practitioners, extensive immersion programs in India, and the study of conventional and integrative medicine.  We quickly fell in love with everything healing.

So, here we are—still motivated by our passion for education, creating uplifting experiences, and now inspired by Dr. Lad to create a community of healing. We created AyurPrana as our way to continue our journey in healing while also sharing powerful thoughts and practices so that you can create your own.


You deserve to live an inspired and vibrant life. We will get you there.


Ancient healing wisdom will transform your life. We love finding new technology and integrating modern science to deliver these insights to you.


Your journey inspires us to wake up every morning. We want every interaction you have with us to be uplifting and impactful.