Live Optimally: A Series of 7 Webinars

Live Optimally: A Series of 7 Webinars

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Begin your wellness journey with a renowned Ayurvedic master, Vasant Lad. In seven inspiring classes, Vasant Lad will reveal ancient insights into Ayurveda and it's role in immunity, yoga, stress, gut health, meditation, and other essential topics while teaching you simple and powerful techniques you can use everyday to elevate your life. We want you to join us through this journey for all 7 sessions as Vasant Lad unfolds the Ayurvedic viewpoint on these practical topics. 

This Series Includes the Following Webinars: 

  • Foundations of Ayurveda
  • Everyday Ayurveda: Essentials of a Daily Routine
  • Immunity Simplified
  • Breath Into Life: Pranayama for Everyone
  • Spiritual Awakening Through Yoga
  • Don't Stress! Ayurveda's Secrets for a Peaceful Mind
  • The Fire Within: Gut Health Simplified

    Webinar Replay Details 

    • 21 hours of instruction from Vasant Lad
    • Length: Each session is approximately 3 hours with 15 min break
    • Language: English
    • Instructor: Vasant Lad


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