Ayurvedic Breast Care

Ayurvedic Breast Care

by Beatrice Voss, CAP, RYT-200

Apply 1 teaspoon of warm castor oil to the breasts, and gently massage from inside to outside, that is, from the breastbone toward the armpits. Do this gentle massage before taking a warm shower. Or you can do a soap massage of the breasts during your shower, again massaging from the center of your chest outward.

Ayurvedic Breast Care
Massaging the breasts in this way will improve the circulation of the mastic tissue and encourage lymphatic drainage into the armpits; in this way, fibrocystic changes can be minimized. This will also take care of tenderness in the breasts.

Breast massage also nourishes the heart chakra. It can lubricate and help to release stuck emotions in the emotional heart as well as to boost Ojas, the superfine vital essence of the body and immunity principle that is stored in the heart.


These herbs have been found to promote breast health by aiding proper lymph and milk flow as well as nourishing the heart chakra.

  • Purnava
  • Fenugreek
  • Tulsi
  • Shatavari





Download a printable pdf here. Great to put on your bathroom mirror until the practice is established.






 Beatrice Voss


Beatrice is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute and a certified Ayuryoga instructor. This year she will provide teaching support in Marma and Ayuryoga classes for the ASP1 and APS2 programs as well as acting as a supervisor in the student clinic. Learn more. 





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