New Year's Resolution - Ayurveda Style

New Year's Resolution - Ayurveda Style

By The Care Team

Every year comes with a new, unique story and the beginning of any new cycle is the appropriate time to indulge in intention setting to make conscious adjustments to our life story. New beginnings welcome the depths of reflection, opening our hearts to ourselves and the individuals that make up our communities. Ayurveda’s wisdom comes from self knowing, which is the foundation of everything that happens. The new year is an excellent time to reflect and to set an intention to live in integrity with your heart’s desires to pave a bright future for yourself and the world at large. 

Reflection (Journal Prompts)

Get a piece of paper and a pen. Take 10 deep diaphragmatic breaths in and out focusing on the sound of your breath and the movement of your breath throughout the body. Then, answer the following questions.

1. Space consciousness. Space is needed within to witness every thought, feeling and emotion with attention to learn about yourself. What has your awareness been telling you about what would be helpful to let go of to create space/freedom in 2023? 

  • In your body? 
  • Thought patterning? 
  • Emotions?
  • Connection with other people?
  • Family, extended family? 
  • In your work? 
  • In your Home?

2. Describe your current state. How is your body, mind, focus, etc?

3. How would you like your body, mind, focus, etc to be in 2023?

4. From the list in question 1 on space consciousness, which is the most pressing? Which will have the most impact on your overall well-being? Let the heart speak, and circle it.

5. Decide how you will take 1 step closer to achieving your intention today. Repeat this process for the week to come.

Our perception, our inner space, defines how we arrange our outer space. Ayurveda and its sister sciences can assist us and help us connect with this vast space of intelligence within. All it takes is a few minutes of breathing and some contemplation. These reflections can help us live in the world with great sensitivity, integrity, compassion and adaptability. 

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