AyurPrana Spiritual Warrior Camp

Life’s greatest journey is in understanding and honoring one’s Self!

July 8 - 12, 2024 | 9 am to 4 pm
Ages: 10-13
Facilitated by: Kalyan Volpe and AyurPrana Faculty
Location: The AyurPrana Listening Room

AyurPrana Spiritual Warrior Camp will take place at the beautiful AyurPrana Listening Room in West Asheville along with nature excursions in Asheville and surrounding areas.

We are deeply honored to offer AyurPrana’s very first Spiritual Warrior Camp at the AyurPrana Listening Room. The Listening Room is a unique conscious music and arts venue, and one of the only of its kind. For one week in July, the space will be transformed into a Spiritual Warrior Summer Camp inviting children between the ages of 10 and 13 to embark on a very special journey of wellness, empowerment, growth and joy!

The camp will be led by Kalyan Volpe along with members of the AyurPrana faculty. In addition to the Listening Room, AyurPrana owns and operates the Asheville Yoga Center and Ayurvedic Institute, and is home to a family of facilitators and practitioners uniquely qualified to provide a deep and meaningful experience for the campers. Kalyan Volpe is the co-founder of Odyssey School in Asheville and is a long time meditator and spiritual practitioner.

The curriculum includes:




Nature Adventures




Mindfulness Exercises

Our Camp Goals will be to support participants in:

  • Inspiring a sense of play, discovery and curiosity
  • Having fun while cultivating compassion for oneself and others
  • Appreciating the healing gifts of nature
  • Integrating practices to reduce stress
  • Improving physical and emotional well being
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Fostering healthy eating and lifestyle habits and self care
  • Learning to observe one’s thoughts, reactions, and patterns without judgment
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Boosting self love and confidence
  • Learning to be flexible in body and mind
  • Enhancing focus, memory, receptivity and creativity
  • Deepening conscious communication and listening skills
  • Appreciating the sacredness of life with gratitude
  • Developing peer cooperation, respect, and partnership
  • Opening to a meaningful spiritual life and a sense of wonder for limitless potential

Enroll Today!

Early Bird Price until April 12: $325
Price after April 12: $375
Attendance limited to: 25 Campers


  • Spiritual Warrior Camp will take place at The Ayurprana Listening Room: 312 Haywood Rd., Asheville, NC 28806
  • Upon registering, we will follow up with further camp details.
  • Snacks but not lunch will be provided.

Payment Policy:

  • Full payments are due when registering.
  • Before May 8, 2024 refunds are available minus fees.
  • After May 8, 2024 there are no refunds.

Kalyan Volpe holds an MA in Education from Goddard College and is the Co-Founder of Odyssey School in Asheville. He has been a holistic educator with a focus on spirituality in education for 25 years. Kalyan has traveled the world visiting over 35 countries and living in 6 including India where he met his extraordinary wife Shanti with whom he has 3 wonderful boys. Kalyan describes his life path as seeking a balance between internal work and service to humanity. He has been a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga for 25 years and finds deep bliss in devotion and surrender. He served as a monk for three years in Nicaragua before deciding to dedicate himself to education. As a middle school teacher, Kalyan has explored many ways of incorporating spirituality in the classroom including meditation, visualizations, art, and spiritual warrior exercises.