SoHum Meditation

SoHum Meditation

In this video series, Vasant Lad delves into a profound spiritual journey passed down through his family, deeply impacting generations. This transformative experience stems from the teachings of the enlightened guru, Hambir baba, whose wisdom touched the lives of Vasant's father, mother, and their entire family.

The Morning Rituals:

Vasant's father, initiated by Hambir baba, practiced meditation diligently. Early mornings resonated with the serene sight of him transforming into a vessel of compassion and love through meditation. This sacred period became an opportune time for seeking guidance, as the transformative energy during meditation opened doors to profound insights and blessings.

The Guru's Teachings:

Driven by curiosity, Vasant Lad inquired about his father's morning ritual and discovered the source: Hambir baba's profound meditation technique. The guru emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge, believing that the wisdom of meditation should reach far and wide, enriching friends, family, and the broader community.

Sohum Sadhana - The Meditation Technique:

Hambir baba introduced Vasant Lad to Sohum Sadhana, a simple yet powerful meditation technique. Sohum, an ancient mantra found in scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana, holds deep significance, signifying the inner awareness and pure consciousness often referred to as Atma Ram.

The Cosmic Connection:

The mantra Sohum encapsulates the divine song of cosmic consciousness present in every living being. Hambir baba instructed a technique where one observes their breath, inhaling with 'So' and exhaling with 'Hum.' This practice, when performed with dedication, leads to a state of inner stillness, connecting the practitioner with the cosmic awareness within.

The Art of Dying:

Hambir baba insisted that practicing Sohum Sadhana prepares individuals for the art of dying. By meditating on the breath and the Sohum mantra, one can experience a conscious departure from attachments, desires, and the ego. The ultimate goal is to embrace death as an opportunity for spiritual transformation rather than fearing it.

The Profound Experience:

The meditation practice extends beyond the physical realm, allowing individuals to explore the gap between inhalation and exhalation. In this silent gap lies an ineffable state of bliss, peace, and absence of the mind. It is in this gap that one can attain the highest state of meditation, known as Samadhi.


The Sohum Sadhana is a journey into the depths of one's soul, a practice that transcends the boundaries of life and death. As we collectively explore the transformative power of meditation, let us, like Vasant Lad, walk together on this sacred path, sharing the truth of breath, inner awareness, and the profound teachings of our gurus.


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