“I had to do something for myself”: Malika’s Seasonal Cleanse Experience

“I had to do something for myself”: Malika’s Seasonal Cleanse Experience

“If you are rejuvenated, you can give back more to the community.”


For Malika, the decision to try a seasonal cleanse was a pretty easy one. 

As a lifelong mover and shaker, Malika has always been a productive, busy, and energetic person. She has chai in the morning, sometimes a few cups, which helps keep her on her feet as she gracefully navigates life as a working mom and spouse. 

But then, a few months ago, her health shifted. Aches and pains started sprouting sporadically, her steadfast vitality gave way to a cloud of fatigue that made her feel dull and not like herself - something was definitely off

So she went to the doctor, as most of us would do, hoping to find an answer or some guidance on how to get back to feeling normal. And she went again, and again, and again, until suddenly she was in the doctor’s office every other week, still looking for some clues to her health mystery

Each time she went searching, though, she came home empty handed because, from her doctor’s vantage point, she was perfectly fine. There was no rhyme or reason to her symptoms, no one diagnosis to point to, nothing that should be causing her health stress, and yet Malika was definitely not feeling perfectly fine. 

“I was at a point where I could have tried anything.” 

Luckily, Malika was already pretty versed in Ayurveda - she knew of Vasant Lad, our beloved teacher, practitioner, and spiritual leader, and had been following along with the AyurPrana team online. (Yeah - we're on Instagram too, if you didn't know!)

When she caught wind of the Spring Cleanse guided detox program, she registered immediately. 

“This is an opportunity I cannot let go - it’s from the best of the best!” 

It helped, too, that her spouse and children were very encouraging. In fact, they were actually really excited and happy to see Malika doing something for herself, and for her health.

Despite her experience and support though, she was still a little nervous for the 10-day detox — who wouldn’t be? Especially after she saw that caffeine would be a no-go during the cleanse period. Give up her beloved tea for 10 whole days?! When she was already feeling lethargic?!

Plus, similar programs she had experienced in the past were done in-person, whereas this cleanse was completely virtual, thanks in part to the global pandemic. 

Here’s the great news, though: Malika was, in fact, able to swap her daily caffeine ritual for one more nourishing, and now, weeks after the cleanse’s completion, she’s still totally off caffeine. 

Not only that, but those aches and pains that had arisen subsided, and she’s back to feeling like her vibrant, whole self. What a difference it has made, she shared, “having a lot more energy, being light all the time, being able to do things.”

She actually ended up enjoying the fact that the guided, verified detox program was fully remote, too. On the days where she couldn’t attend the live sessions due to work, family obligations, or just regular life stuff, she was able to watch the recorded videos in her own time. It made it easy to get immediate answers too, since the Ayurprana practitioners are available 24/7 throughout the program. 

“The team was phenomenal, they were there to respond to all of my questions no matter how silly those questions were!” 

The best part of the seasonal cleanse and reset, for her, was realizing her innate ability to listen to, tend to, and heal her own body. She felt empowered by the knowledge she gained, and more at ease knowing it was coming from experienced practitioners that she can trust, and now knows personally. 

“It has taught me that I have healing hands. I can heal myself.”

To future cleanse participants, she offers this advice: “Just have the willingness to do this for your health and the rest will fall into place.” You might even see her in the private Facebook group, too, because she’s already registered for the Summer Cleanse 2021!

And if you read that part about nixing caffeine and felt a similar shiver up your spine, Malika says not to worry. “After the third day, I stopped counting down the days and started enjoying the process. I actually looked forward to having my morning kitchari and cleansing tea!” 

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