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For those attending our HEALING TOUCH MARMA IMMERSIONS these cards are an essential resource for learning and continuing the sequences, practices, and insights gained in our Marma immerions.

These cards present an easy reference system for students and practitioners alike, offering clear diagrams of the marma points themselves - with easy to reference information on each point and how it relates to the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

Based on Vasant Lad's (BAM&S, MASc) 40-years of Ayurvedic clinical and classroom experience, this 30 card set is sourced from his popular Marma Therapy seminars.

Each full-color flash card has a larger illustration with the name of the Marma point and its location on the human body. The other side of the card has a more detailed illustration with the therapeutic applications of each Marma point listed, for study and practical application.


  • 23 anatomical cards with marma points
  • Directions on healing through energy points
  • Guidelines for touch and pressure
  • How emotions and the organs relate to marma points
  • Marma points in relation to the chakra breathing and sounds
  • Descriptions of meditations for self-healing - including So Hum and empty bowl
  • Applying essential oils & understanding oil selection according to Dosha

Additionally this set includes instructions on sound therapy that balances the marma points according to the chakras. The marma points useful for emotional healing are outlined with descriptions - as well as the proper essential oils for healing the Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) through marma point therapy.

Flash cards are printed on a 16pt cardstock and coated with a UV protective coating, making them durable - built for daily reference and a long life for both the Ayurvedic practitioner and student.

Our cost includes shipping to the continental U.S.

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