Ayurvedic Home Cleanse - Fall into Winter

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9 Day - Guided Home Ayurvedic Cleanse - November 29th to December 7th

As the cleanse start date is soon approaching, we are only selling the guided components of the cleanse. The cleanse kits are no longer available. 

Cleanse and Reset! Ayurveda teaches us that a cleanse at each seasonal turn removes accumulated toxins and energies, restoring equilibrating to the body, mind and spirit. Consistently doing so sets the stage for life-long optimal health!

Join us as we transition from the windy autumn to the hibernating winter. Timed perfectly after Thanksgiving, we will optimize the digestive fire, clear out toxins, and rebalance all five elements. We will utilize Ayurvedic methods that have been proven over thousands of years - and we have worked hard to create an extensive program that you can do safely and conveniently from home!

To set you up for success, we have created this cleanse with ample supportive material, including

  • A kick-off webinar, diving into the why's, how's, and what's of the cleanse. You will leave fully understanding how this specific ancient practice of cleansing works and how to successfully complete it yourself. November 24th, 2020

  • A cleanse kit with everything you need, featuring products from our trusted partner, Banyan Botanicals. Retail value over $200!

  • Daily morning meditations, instructions, yoga classes, and journal prompts to facilitate both the physical and emotional cleansing processes.

  • The ability to ask unlimited questions throughout the cleanse with our experienced senior practitioners so you never feel unsupported through our online chat and daily Live sessions. 

  • Downloadable PDF's with infographics, checklists and easy-to-follow instructional sheets that you can keep on your desk, throw on your refrigerator, or stick on your bathroom mirror!

We can't wait for you to join us for this powerful cleanse!

Your Cleanse Kit brought to you in partnership with Banyan Botanicals will include:

  • Supplies for Mung Dal Kitchadi - Rice, Dal, Ghee, Spice Mix
  • Daily Massage - Tri Doshic Abhyanga Oil
  • Supplies for Basti
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Triphala Tablets, Chyavanprash, Nasya Oil
  • Detox Tea
  • Castor Oil
  • Reflection Journal

The course will be guided by our team of Senior Practitioners: Mitesh Raichada, Sneha Raichada, Vrinda Devani, Shannon Kelly and Nishita Shah

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The state of ill health is a moment to moment happening. Healing is moment to moment balance, bringing awareness to our thoughts, feelings and emotions and how we respond.



I learned of AyurPrana while attending a webinar this summer with Vasant Lad. The organization has been set up to help spread the education of Ayurveda, facilitate online consultations and to provide accessible webinars to those seeking more knowledge about Ayurveda.  It could not come at a more optimal time. My experience has been seamless with all interactions of the organization.  What a blessing to be able to access direct learning with the legendary Vaidya Vasant Lad. Thank you Vasant Lad and AyurPrana for your selfless service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are AyurPrana webinars?

Our webinars deliver live content from our esteemed and captivating speakers, straight to you! We want as many people as possible to have access to life-changing content. We make the content easily available to you, whether you are in the comfort of your home, at your favorite coffee shop, or on the beach.  

Can I ask the instructor questions during the webinar? 

Yes! Our webinars are interactive. We have a state-of-the-art setup for the speaker to have a life-size view of the audience, so it is as if you are sitting together. There will be designated opportunities to ask questions you have related to the content. 

What if I have no background in medicine or Ayurveda? Do I need any background to understand the content in the webinar? 

No problem! These webinars are designed so that someone completely new can understand the material and has enough depth for someone with a background in the sciences to be fully engaged. The speaker may become more technical or less technical based on the audience and topic, but he always brings it back to the basics. 

How will I view the webinars? 

The webinars utilize the Zoom platform. You will receive clear instructions on how to join. All you need is good internet access; a laptop, tablet, or phone with video and audio capabilities; and a fresh and open mind!  

What if I can’t join the webinar at the live broadcast time? Can I watch the webinar later? 

Absolutely. You will have full access to the recorded webinar through December 31st, 2020 for Secrets of the Pulse and through January 15th, 2021 for the Live Optimally Series.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Webinars may be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to the start date of the webinar.  Please contact info@liveayurprana.com to submit a request for cancellation..

Ayurvedic Home Cleanse Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be honored up to 72 hours prior to the start of the Ayurvedic Home Cleanse. If Home Cleanse Kit has been shipped to the client then a $200 fee will remain for products delivered. The remaining amount will be refunded to the original form of payment.  

Please contact info@liveayurprana.com to submit a request for cancellation.

What if I am having technical problems during the webinar!? 

We got ya! You can reach us immediately by utilizing the chat feature in Zoom or emailing info@liveayurprana.com. We will be continuously checking these so that we can respond to you promptly.  

Got questions?

We got answers. Contact us at info@liveayurprana.com