Winter Home Cleanse (Jan 2024)

Winter Home Cleanse (Jan 2024)

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Winter cleanse

Release the light and dry qualities of fall/autumn and usher in the groundedness of winter.

The fall/autumn period and early winter season is associated with Vata dosha, which is predominantly composed of the elements ether (space) and air. We see these elements manifest in the light, dry, cold, rough, mobile, and clear qualities of autumn and early winter: the crunchy roughness of the turning leaves, the chilly crispness of the wind. As these qualities increase around us, so do they increase within us - constipation, gas, bloating, cold hands and feet, low back pain, cramping during menses, cracking and popping joints, insomnia, as well as feelings of anxiety, insecurity, fear or loneliness are all signs of elevated Vata dosha. If any of these apply, this is the cleanse for you! Get ready to feel grounded and nourished on every level.

Kick off: January 12, 2024 at 10:00 am (ET)
Cleanse: January 21 - 30, 2024 daily at 10:00 am (ET)
Close out: February 2, 2024 at 10:00 am (ET)

To set you up for success, we have created this cleanse with ample supportive material, including

  1. A kick-off webinar with live Q&A, diving into the why's, how's, and what's of the cleanse. You will leave fully understanding how this specific ancient practice of cleansing works and how to successfully complete it yourself.

  2. A discounted cleanse kit with everything you need, featuring products from our trusted partner, Banyan Botanicals. Retail value over $340!

  3. Daily meditations, instructions, yoga classes, and journal prompts to facilitate both the physical and emotional cleansing processes.

  4. The ability to ask unlimited questions throughout the cleanse with our experienced senior practitioners so you never feel unsupported through our online chat and daily Live sessions. 

  5. Downloadable PDF's with infographics, extensive FAQ's, checklists and easy-to-follow instructional sheets that you can keep on your desk, throw on your refrigerator, or stick on your bathroom mirror!

We can't wait for you to join us for this powerful cleanse!

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