Spring Home Cleanse - May 2023

Spring Home Cleanse - May 2023

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Spring cleanse

Shake off the moisture of winter and spring in preparation for the warmth of summer.

Kapha dosha, which is predominantly earth and water elements, is the principle of cohesion and the building block material - it’s stable, cool, oily, heavy, dull, liquid, slimy, sticky, cloudy, and dense. It’s associated with both late winter and spring. Kapha is responsible for cold, cough, and congestion, water retention, weight gain, as well as the emotions of attachment, greed, and grief. If any of this sounds or feels familiar - join this cleanse and lighten your load!

Kick off: May 1, 2023
Cleanse: May 7 - 16, 2023
Close out: May 19, 2023