Home Cleanse - Summer into Fall

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The summer cleanse is open! Reserve your place today with early bird pricing - $50 off. 

Please note that you can book the cleanse with or without a kit. The kit contains the items that you will need during the 9 day cleanse. 

International Customers: Due to varying import restrictions, we are not able to ship the kit outside of the United States. We will provide you with a shopping list within the course portal upon sign up. Please be sure to book the cleanse option without the kit.

Cleanse and Reset! A cleanse at each seasonal turn removes accumulated toxins and energies, restoring equilibrium to the body, mind and spirit. Consistently doing so sets the stage for life-long optimal health!

The cleanse will take place from August 9th to August 17, 2021. 

Join us as we transition from the heat of summer to dry cool autumn. We will

  1. move out accumulated pitta (fire and water elements) from the summer
  2. optimize the digestive fire and clear out toxins, and 
  3. rebalance all five elements.

    We will utilize Ayurvedic methods that have been proven over thousands of years - and we have worked hard to create an extensive program that you can do safely and conveniently from home!

    To set you up for success, we have created this cleanse with ample supportive material, including

    • A kick-off live webinar, diving into the why's, how's, and what's of the cleanse. You will leave fully understanding how this specific ancient practice of cleansing works and how to successfully complete it yourself.

    • Over 15 hours of live instruction, guidance and answers to your specific questions.

    • Daily morning meditations, instructions, yoga classes, and journal prompts to facilitate both the physical and emotional cleansing processes.

    • The ability to ask unlimited questions throughout the cleanse with our experienced senior practitioners so you never feel unsupported through our online chat and daily Live sessions. With close to 24 / 7 response coverage on a private FaceBook Group

    • Downloadable PDF's with infographics, checklists and easy-to-follow instructional sheets that you can keep on your desk, throw on your refrigerator, or stick on your bathroom mirror!

    • Optional cleanse kit with everything you need, featuring products from our trusted partner, Banyan Botanicals. Retail value of $330!

    We can't wait for you to join us for this powerful cleanse!

    Your Cleanse Kit brought to you in partnership with Banyan Botanicals will include:

    1. Supplies for Mung Dal Kitchadi - Rice, Dal, Ghee, Spice Mix
    2. Daily Massage - Daily Massage Oil, Kapha Massage Oil, and Mahanarayan Oil
    3. Supplies for herbalized enema
    4. Triphala Tablets, Shakti Prana, Nasya Oil
    5. Detox Tea
    6. Castor Oil

    Watch this video where Vasant Lad describes the benefits of a Home Cleanse:

    We love Ayurveda and we love you all! Our passion is supporting others to experience the benefits that Ayurveda has to offer. One of the best ways to experience this is through a cleanse. This cleanse is guided by AyurPrana senior practitioners: Mitesh Raichada, Sneha Raichada, Shannon Kelly, Nishita Shah and Vrinda Devani. You can read about each of our practitioners here.


    "It is not easy to stick with a cleanse. Ayurprana provided three things that really helped. 1) Having a kit with everything you need made a big difference! 2) The learning portal was very well organized including charts and downloads to help us keep track of the steps. The yoga, meditation and journal prompts added important elements to keep me aware and motivated. 3) The daily videos and reading everyone's questions and seeing answers helped me pay attention to my journey and get my questions answered. Thank you for expanding ayruvedic knowledge to the world!" - Carol


    "Today is day 10 of the spring cleanse I did with Ayurprana. My skin is glowing, my body feels lighter (6 lbs lighter to be specific :) ), my mind feels like a fog has lifted, so many emotions, cravings and toxins purged. So grateful to Dr.Lad and all the Ayurprana team for the exceptional service, care and support you provided through out. I also really appreciated the meditations and yoga on the portal. I can't wait to participate in more programs with you guys." - Vishali


    "I thought the cleanse was amazing and I felt great afterwards. I thought the whole team combined, put together this cleanse as a package that was super informative, supportive and a fantastic and easy tool for people to follow at home."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time do I need to set aside for the cleanse?

    This is a thorough and in-depth, traditional, Ayurvedic cleanse. The processes themselves will take roughly 1-1.5 hours a day on average. Certain days, such as the enema days, may take an additional half hour or so more.

    Can I do this while I work or work from home?

    We do recommend that you do your best to clear your calendar and schedule as the cleansing process naturally can lead to a temporary period of fatigue and some mild discomfort, which then resolves as the body is rebuilt and rejuvenated. Each body is different and responds differently. Conserving as much of your energy as possible for the cleansing process will best serve you.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We will gladly issue a full refund, minus $200 for the cost of the Cleanse Kit, up until 72 business hours before the Kick-Off (August 2, 2021). Your request for cancellation must be submitted by midnight on July 29, 2020. After this date we cannot issue a refund as all materials will have been opened to the participants.


    Are you providing consultations as part of this cleanse?

    We are not providing individual consultations. Our goal is to empower you with all the material and education you need to complete a cleanse. Our staff will be available daily from 8am-9pm Mountain Standard Time to answer questions and provide additional guidance and education through our Facebook private group.


    I do not have Facebook. Is this a requirement?

    All material that you need to complete the cleanse is provided in the AyurLearn online portal. If you wish to access the support of the community and our practitioners you will need to create a Facebook account. Our group is private and not visible to anyone outside of the cleanse participants.


    What if I am on an herbal protocol or am taking medications?

    We always recommend you consult with your primary care provider before making any changes to your health care plan or adding any supplements to your plan.


    Can I continue my normal exercise routine or bodywork treatments during the cleanse?

    The cleanse process takes a significant amount of energy and processing. We therefore recommend following our AyurYoga program as provided during the cleanse or very light body movement. For the same reason, we recommend stopping bodywork during a cleanse.


    I have a strict diet, will I be able to do the monodiet?

    The monodiet involves a kitchari (mix of mung daal and basmati rice) diet. We provide guidance of modifications for specific diets. The monodiet is a very simple and easy-to-digest diet, which allows the digestive fire to rest and reset. This is crucial to the cleansing process. 


    What if I can’t make the Facebook Live session? Will there be a replay?

    We absolutely anticipate that not everyone can make it at the time we are playing the Facebook Live session. All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing in the Facebook Group’s feed immediately after the session!


    What can I expect to feel like during the cleanse?

    There are different phases during the cleanse, each with different experiences, discomforts, and feelings of relief. You will experience ups and downs in energy, mood, maybe even occasional nausea, as the cleansing process occurs. Each body is different and responds differently. 


    What if I would like to ask questions privately not in Facebook?

    You may email us at info@liveayurprana.com. We will relay your question to the practitioners who will then answer them anonymously on Facebook so that everyone can benefit from the education (you never know who will have a similar question!). Please note that we are not providing private consultation.