What to expect from each session:

Session 1

Session 1 focuses on the marma points of the head, face and neck. Following Vasant Lad and his team of experienced practitioners, students will leave with a deep understanding of marma and a foundation in practical techniques.

Learn the philosophy, history, and practical application of marma point body therapy, understand how these vital connection centers interact with the organs and disease, and use marma to clear the panic pathways of the body.

Start Date: Oct. 29
Replays available


Session 2

Session 2 consists of a deep dive into the marma points of the torso, back, and extremities, in addition to expanding upon the philosophy, history, and functional skills taught in Session 1.

Integrate the tuning fork into marma point practice, dive deeply into the connections and interactions of marma, and practice empowering self-healing tools.

Start Date: Spring 2022
Replays available

Session 3

Session 3 focuses primarily on exploring practical, clinical application of marma point body therapy.

Students will leave with the skills and knowledge needed to implement marma into their own healing practices, and the knowledge of philosophy and practice discussed in the previous sessions manifest here for those ready to use this healing science to transform their lives and the world around them.

Start Date: Spring 2022
Replays available

What is Marma?

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic practitioners have used the map of marma points to stimulate the natural self-healing potential of the physical body.

These specific anatomical points, found in junction areas on the body, are believed to be the basis of later acupuncture and massage therapy practices.

By gently directing our attention and touch toward these vital energy points, we can use this map to support radical healing on an alchemical, biological level.