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Good practitioners are hard to come by - that's why we come to you.


get back to feeling like your whole, vibrant self by getting to the root of your health mystery with a comprehensive consultation and a care plan crafted for you and no one else


integrate your new self-care regimen into your daily life, with the support of your practitioner, the global AyurPrana community, and optional classes + retreats


live the rest of your vibrant life empowered with the herbal protocols, lifestyle adjustments, Ayurvedic routines, and spiritual practices you need for longterm vitatlity


Before being called to heal others, we had to heal ourselves first - that's part of what makes our team of practitioners so different.

Our team is made up of highly spiritual people as well, so you can relax knowing that you're working towards healing for the whole being while your body, mind, and soul are being tending to with the utmost care.


Trained in both Ayurvedic and allopathic traditions, our team pulls from a wide spectrum of healing because we know that vibrant health isn't a one-size-fits-all situation.

If you tell us you're not feeling like yourself, we'll believe you - and do everything we can to help you feel like your whole, vibrant self again.


Our team isn't limited by the boundaries of western or eastern science. By incorporating a variety of modalities, we're able to look at the whole picture of your health.

You are a wonderfully complex being, with individual needs, dreams, and feelings. You deserve to work with a practitioner who sees you for all of you.

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Want to go deeper?

5 days of deeply rejuvenating ancient detoxing practices, custom tailored to your unique wellness needs with our friends at The Ayurvedic Institute.

This renowned program includes daily consultations and touch points with your practitioner, bodywork therapies, nourishing meals and custom herbal protocols.