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From Trauma to Radiant Joy
On Demand Course
From Trauma to Radiant Joy Sale price$45.00 Regular price$100.00
Lightness of Being: Balancing Vata Stage of Life (50+ years)
The Art of Dying with Bliss
The Loving Body - Chakra Balancing
The Loving Self - Emotional Healing
The Loving Sound - Mantra Healing
Mending the Mind - Psychological Trauma through Ayurveda
Ayurveda and Mental Health - Approaching Depression & Anxiety through Ayurveda
The Fire Within: Gut Health SimplifiedThe Fire Within: Gut Health Simplified
Ayurveda and Mental Health - Mind, Body & Consciousness Through An Ayurvedic Lens
The Healing Power of GemstonesThe Healing Power of Gemstones
Ayurvedic Approach to Immunity
Ayurveda and Mental Health - The Effect of Color Therapy and Music on Mental Healing
Ayurveda and Neuroscience
Prana Vaha Srotas (The Channel of Our Vital Breath)
Everyday Ayurveda: Essentials of a Daily Routine
Anna Vaha Srotas (The Channel of Food)
Ayurvedic Palmistry - Medicine in the Palm of your HandAyurvedic Palmistry - Medicine in the Palm of your Hand
Udaka and Ambu Vaha Srotas (The Water Channels)
Meditation - Medicine for the Mind
Medical Jyotish: Vedic Astrology for Healing
Don’t Stress! Ayurveda’s Secrets for a Peaceful Mind
Breathe Into Life: Pranayama for Everyone
Foundations of Ayurveda